Sundays - Fellowship: 9:30 AM \\ Service: 10:30 AM

Meet the Pastor

Since her dad was a pastor, Cindy grew up in the church. If the church needed something, Cindy partnered with her parents and siblings to get the job done. Church was the family business, but falling in love with Jesus is what changed her life. It was through the pursuing work of the Holy Spirit that Cindy surrendered her life to the lover of her soul.
As an adult, Cindy has been on “the board,” taught Bible-studies and Sunday school, worked in the nursery and the church kitchen, led missions trips, been a part of worship teams, preached, emptied the garbage, prayed and counseled dozens of people, etc. But who cares? Because without love, none of it matters. It actually sounds like a clanging of cymbals.
Cindy’s desire to influence people for God’s kingdom landed her in Bethel Seminary, where she earned a Masters of Divinity degree. She has a unique ability to bring scripture to life through story-telling and relevant life application. Cindy and her husband, Greg, are best friends and have three grown children.
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